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Catherine Buescher

Researching Topics in Christianity and Theology

The ATLA Religion Database is the most important research database for any topic in theology or religious studies.  In some cases, the full text of an article is immediately available within the database itself.  Other content can be located or requested using the FIND IT @ LOYOLA system.

The Theology and Religious Studies Research Guide will help you identify other subject-specific research tools.

Discovering Important Theologians

These books (with one exception) are usually part of the Cudahy Library Reference Collection.  They, along with other heavily-used titles, have been removed from that collection while its shelving area is temporarily closed.  You will now find them just inside Cudahy Library on shelves that are on your left as you enter from the Information Commons.  For help finding the temporary shelving area, please ask at the service desk on the library's first floor.

Selecting Authoritative Websites

Many excellent sources of information are freely available online but quality must be assessed carefully.  Without thoughtful consideration, it is easy to consult a website that is inaccurate, inappropriately biased, or excessively dated.  Consider the criteria below before selecting any website, including the two (or more) that you choose for this project.

  1. What individual or organization is responsible for the site?  Is that author qualified to present the information you are seeking?
  2. Is the information consistent with other sources already found?  If not, is it inaccurate?
  3. Is the information objective?  What biases should be taken into consideration before using it?
  4. Does the information appear to be current?

See http://www.library.georgetown.edu/tutorials/research-guides/evaluating-internet-content for more suggestions.

Citing Sources in Chicago Style

Focusing on Religion and Science

Finding the Bible Online

Accessing Biblical Commentary

Many Bible commentaries are published as print books and are shelved in the Cudahy Library Main Stacks.  They can be searched for in the library catalog using keyword combinations such as those inserted below. 

  • bible commentary romans (for a passage from the Letter to the Romans)
  • bible commentary gospel john (for a passage from John)
  • bible commentary psalms (for a passage from the Psalms)

You may also want to search New Testament Abstracts or Old Testament Abstractsresearch databases.  Using a database, you will find citations for and, in many cases, the text of, journal articles 

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