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Background Research on the Council of Nicaea

Reference sources are ideal for discovering a topic and its importance within a wider area of study.  Many reference sources are encyclopedias and dictionaries.  The subject-specific reference sources linked below are particularly valuable for theology students and researchers.  The linked entries will help you learn more about the Council of Nicaea.

Background Research on the Nicene Creed

The linked entries below will help you learn more about the Nicene Creed.

Read the text of the Nicene Creed in the Christian Classics Etheral Library.

Going Beyond the Reference Source

Journal articles offer more focused, lengthier analyses than reference sources.  The article linked below provides general information on the Nicene Creed in the form of an article published in a journal.

More Information from the New Catholic Encyclopedia

You may search the New Catholic Encyclopedia for more content of interest.  The online encyclopedia includes features that make research more effective.  Learn more by watching this tutorial (1:58).  A transcript is available.

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