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Sandra Sullivan Dunbar

The New York Times: Access Option 1

The library offers unlimited access to The New York Times website through its NYTimes.com Pass program.  After registering, you will not reach a daily maximum of articles viewed in a single day as you would without the registration.

Advantages: Familiar and image-rich

Disadvantage: No ability to set a search alert


The New York Times: Access Option 2

The library has access to the full text of The New York Times through a research database named ProQuest Newsstand.

Advantage: Ability to set search alerts

Disadvantage: Text only; does not provide access to graphics or photos that accompany the article as found at the website or in print

The Washington Post

The library has access to The Washington Post through ProQuest Newsstand.  Content is limited to the text of articles; graphics and photos are not included.

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