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Recommended Biblical Commentaries

Read the New Interpreter's Bible (NIB) content first.  Then read the content from the Anchor Bible Commentary Series (Anchor).

Other Biblical Commentaries

Many more Bible commentaries are in the Cudahy Library Main Stacks.  They can be searched for in the library catalog using the keywords bible commentary gospel john (replacing "john" with any Gospel writer's name) or bible commentary acts (for the passage from the Acts of the Apostles).  Alternatively, you may simply browse the shelves for a commentary of interest.  Look for them by Library of Congress call number on the third floor.

Acts (BS 2620)

John (BS 2605)

Luke (BS 2595)

Mark (BS 2585)

Matthew (BS 2575)

You may also want to search New Testament Abstracts, a research database.  Using the database, you will find citations for and, in many cases, the text of, journal articles 

In-Text Citations and Works Cited Page

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