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Social Work: Public Policy

Research a Social Problem

Generally the social problems you are researching are very broad when you start (poverty, crime, discrimination,. . .) .You will want to narrow down the social problem to one aspect: crime to youth gangs, poverty to childhood hunger, etc.    So you will want to start with resources that can give you a good overview.

For Policy-Related Articles also use the Databases under the tab above.

Newpaper Articles

You can find older and other newspaper indexes on the News & Current Events Research Guide.

Public Interest/Organization/Institutes website Ideas

Legislative Histories

Here are some good sources for finding legislative histories of Acts.

Books on your Policy

Although books are not required for your assignment, they can give a lot of information on the history, development and success.   Search for books by the name of your policy:

Search the Loyola Libraries

This will only search the Library holdings, not journal articles, see the Libraries main page for the full search capabilities.  Remember to log into the Library system toi see all the items available to you.

Federal Sources

One good way to get information on an Act is to follow it through the government process.  Below are some sources which might help.  In these sources you should look for:

  • hearings on the Bill and what speakers are saying about it.
  • testimony given for and against the Bill.
  • what other issues are connected to the Bill, amendments etc.

Congression Research Service Reports