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Library Catalog: What the Library Catalog Searches

What You Are Searching

Library Search combines several different parts of the library collection into one search, which you can see in the main search menu.



  • All Collections: This search combines all of the search scopes into one search, which means that you can search the library’s print collections and the library’s databases in the same search. In most cases, it’s best to use this search option.

  • Books & More:  this part of the collection is primarily made up of books, both print and electronic, that are purchased or leased by the library. In this scope, you’ll also find dvds, journal subscriptions, and materials from the library special collections.

  • Articles & Online Resources: this search combines the search results from many of our online databases into one search. Most of the items in this search scope will be journal or magazine articles, but many other material types will show up here, including streaming movies from our online movie databases, and ebooks from large, open access ebook collections like the Hathi Trust. Items from Loyola eCommons, our institutional repository, are also included in this search.

  • Health Sciences, Law Library, Rome Library: choosing this search option will limit your results to the physical materials that are available at these specific library locations.

  • Special Collections: this search includes the physical materials from the University Archives that have been cataloged, along with material from the Archives that has been digitized.