Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Library Catalog: Searching the Library Catalog

Searching for specific items

The Library Catalog searches a large portion of the Loyola Libraries collection, so it's best to include as much information as you have for a specific item. You can also use quotation marks for to search for specific phrases. 

Search for all items with phrase "Acts of Faith" and the words eboo patel. 

 If you are looking for an item with a one word title, select "Starts with" and "Title" from the drop down menusto narrow your search. You can also choose the item type you're looking for - book, article, dvd, etc. 

Search for all books that have "County" as the first word. 


Search for materials on a topic

To search for books and articles on a particular topic, just enter your search terms in the box. Remember that the library catalog searches a lot of material, so you may need to add more search terms if you get too many results that are not relevant. You'll also have options to narrow your search using filters when you see the results. 

For more complicated or specific searches, you may want to use the Advanced Search. 

Search for all items with the words chicago river recreation.