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Journalism Research: E-Books

E-Books From the Library

Using e-books through the library is different than purchasing an e-book for personal use from a service like Amazon.  E-books from the library are typically read in a browser, and cannot be downloaded in their entirety.  They also cannot be read on a device like a Kindle.  View the short video below to get started using the E-Books in the library's collection.

Licensed Scholarly Book Collections

Licensed Reference E-Book Collections

Selected Book Collections on the Web

E-Books On Reserve

Finding E-Books through Public Libraries

Several public libraries subscribe to a service called OverDrive, which allows library card holders to download ebooks and audiobooks to a Kindle or other device.  These books have a limited download time, and only a certain number of books can be checked out at once, so you may experience a wait time.  Most of these books are popular reading materials that are not available through the Loyola Libraries.  Not every book is available, but every library will have a slightly different collection.  Explore what's available through the Chicago Public Libraries, or through your hometown library.

E-Books through Amazon or Other Vendors

Many private vendors such as Amazon offer access to E-Books.  Frequently you will see a variety of pricing options.  Typically this has to do with the price that Amazon pays to license the content from publishers.  If the book is past its copyright date, (such as an older title like The Count of Monte Cristo you may see both a paid and free option; the free option is typically the original work, and the paid option may have additional content such as reviews, introductions, or discussions included.