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Nursing: Nursing Resource Access

Research Considerations

Because of the unique situation of the Loyola Nursing department is spread across two campuses, there are some considerations you should keep in mind when getting started on your research. 

This page will help clarify who has access to which resources, how long it takes to get materials from other campuses, and who to contact when you need help.

Who Has Access To What

Undergraduate Nursing Students:  Lake Shore Campus resources (via the Flagship proxy)

Graduate Nursing Students:  Lake Shore and Health Sciences Campuses resources (via the Flagship & Archer proxies)

Nursing Faculty: Lake Shore and Health Sciences Campuses resources (via the Flagship & Archer proxies)

Lake Shore vs Health Sciences Resources

Because the Lake Shore and Health Sciences campuses are separate they cannot share all electronic resources and each have their own proxy which allows only authorized users to access those resources. See the box above for authorized user lists.

  • To access the Lake Shore campus' electronic resources you will have to log into the Flagship proxy
  • To access the Health Sciences campus' resources, you will need to go through the Archer proxy.


How To Request Materials

Electronic Resources

  • If the E-Journal or online article you need is not available at Loyola’s Lake Shore campus, but is owned by the Health Sciences campus or vice versa you can request it through  ILL (Inter library Loan) just as you would any resource Loyola Libraries does not have full text access to.
  • Getting an electronic journal article through ILL will usually just take 1-3 days no matter if it is coming from another Loyola campus or a separate university. 

Print Materials

  • If you need to request a printed material, such as a book, from the Health Sciences campus delivered to the Lake Shore campus or vice versa, it will take up to one week.  While physical materials are moved daily between the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses they are only moved once a week between the Lake Shore and Health Sciences campuses due to the distance.



If you are having difficulties accessing resources from off campus or logging into the Flagship proxy server, you can follow the steps below or contact us directly at cud-ref@luc.edu or 774-508-2654.

  1. Retry your username and password to ensure no typing errors were made. Remember, you do not need to add "@luc.edu" after you Loyola username.
  2. Check to see if you can log into a different Loyola University service such as Outlook or Sakai.  If not, you most likely need to reset your password. You can do this via Password Self Service. If your password does work for other Loyola services, continue onto Step 3.
  3. If are still unable to log in, you should contact ITS Help Desk immediately to determine the exact nature of the access issue.

Loyola Libraries’ Electronic Resources Help: cud-ref@luc.edu or 773-508-2654      

Loyola ITS Help Desk: helpdesk@luc.edu or 773.508.4ITS

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