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Pastoral Studies: Chicago Manual of Style

Manual of Style

Sample Bibliography



Books (Print):

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Books (Online):

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Article in a Magazine, Newspaper, Journal (Print):

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Article in a Magazine, Newspaper, Journal (Online):

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Other Online Resources:

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Other Sources:

Handel, George Frederic. Messiah, selections. VHS. Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Chorus, Robert Shaw. Batavia, OH: Video Treasures, 1988.

U.S. Congress. Annals of the Congress of the United States, 1789-1824. 42 vols. Washington, DC, 1834-56.

General Formatting Rules

Chicago discusses using both footnotes and parenthetical citations.  This guide will describe footnotes and a full bibliography.

  1. Use a superscript note in the text.  Use a normal, full size, not raised number in the footnote, followed by a period.
  2. For articles, do not use 'vol.' for volume, but do use 'no.' for number.

In Text Citation

1. Douglas D. Heckathorn, "Collective Sanctions and Compliance Norms: A Formal Theory of Group-Mediated Social Control," American Sociological Review 55 (1990): 370.

2. Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, ed., Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England (1628-86), 5 vols. (Boston, 1853-54), 1:126 (hereafter cited as Mass. Records).

3. Mass. Records, 2:330.

4. Henry James, The Ambassadors (Project Gutenberg, 1996), bk. 6 chap. 1, http://

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