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Pastoral Studies: EBL - Downloading to an Apple Device

Downloading to an Apple Device

Follow the step below to download an EBL ebook to your Apple device.


1.  Access the EBL title you wish you download via your Apple device.  You can locate EBL titles either via the library search or the EBL entry on the Databases list on the Libraries' homepage.

2.  If you do not already have the Bluefire Reader app, follow the instructions immediately below the "Download Book" to install it.      -The instructions say: “Bluefire Reader is required to read all EBL ebook downloads on Apple iPhones and iPads.       -The “click here” link takes you to Bluefire Reader (http://bit.ly/aPFvB5) in the App Store, where you             can download the app for free from Bluefire Productions.       -Once Bluefire Reader is installed, return to EBL ebook page in Safari.

3.  The first time you use Bluefire Reader it will prompt you for:
      -Authorization: click “Authorize” or “Cancel,” as desired.      -An Adobe ID login (free). If you don’t have one or don’t remember it, click “Get Adobe ID” to sign up
            or have credentials emailed to you from within the app.
      -Logging in with an Adobe ID is required to download the book in Bluefire Reader.


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