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Pastoral Studies: EBL - Downloading to an Android Device

Downloading to an Android Device

Follow the steps below to download an EBL ebook to your Android device.

1.  Access the EBL title you wish you download via your Android device.  You can locate EBL titles either via the library search or the EBL entry on the Databases list on the Libraries' homepage.
2.  Click on the blue “Read Online” button to view the book in your browser.

3.  If you would like to download the book, look for the download tab in the left-hand menu. Choose the loan length, or the number of days you want the downloaded file to be available before it expires. Then click the “Download Book” button.

4.  The downloaded file will look like a long paragraph of letter and numbers. Copy the URL for this page (not the text on the page itself).

5.  Open Aldiko eBook Reader and click the “Home” icon. Select “My Catalogs” and click the button with the plus sign. A dialog box will open titled “Add a Catalog.”

6.  On the “Add a Catalog” dialog box, type in a name for the book and paste the URL from step 4.

7.  You will be returned to the “My Catalogs” pages with the title you gave the eBook. Click on the title to download the eBook to your device. After it downloads, the book will appear as a “New Item” for viewing.

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