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Find a U.S. law by Name


Laws may be cited or identified by public law number (P/L/ 106-279), U.S. Code title and section(s) (42 USB 2006d or 42 USCA 2006d), or U.S. Statues at Large volume and page (88 STAT. 1866).

  • United States Code Annotated (USCA, USC) -   
    The Popular Name Table is near the index volumes. Parenthetical citations indicate US Code Annotated sections. Example (12 § 1757) indicates Title 12, section 1757. Contains current law arranged by subject category with amendments incorporated.
  • U.S. Statues At Large  
    Laws arranged by year and public law number with an index in back of last volume for each year. Text of original law without amendments. Also contains legislative history amendments.

A) Public Laws for 1988 -. Original law without amendments. can link to Legislative Histories, U.S. Code sections for amended version with history and case notes.

 B) Statutes at Large, for pre-1988. Original law without amendments.


Find U.S. or State Laws by Subject


The U.S. Code contains current laws with amendments incorporated.  Use the General Index volumes.  Look up your subject in teh index.  Experiment with different terms.  Index entries refer you to the title and section number in the main volumes of the set.  Examples of code citations: 42 USCA 2006d equals Title 42 of U.S. Code Annotated, section 2006d.  RC 5301.12 equals Title 53 of Ohio Revised Code, chapter 1, section 12.  check pocket or pamphlet supplements to each volume for the latest changes.

Lexis-Nexis  (click on legal tab) Federal and all state codes. For an individual state code, click on Sources tab. Select country = United States. Select all desired states in the All Regions box. Select Legislation, Statutes and Codes category, then the Statutes category.  

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