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RefWorks 2.0: Importing References

Methods for Adding References

The first step in working with RefWorks is creating your database. There are four ways to create a database:

  • Importing Data Directly
  • Adding References Manually
  • Add Citations From Website (using RefGrab-It)
  • Converting from Other Bibliographic Management Programs

Adding References Manually

RefWorks allows you to create a citation from scratch. You can choose how much or how little information to include. It even offers guidelines for creating citations that meet particular journal citation standards.

  1. From the RefWorks menu, select References > Add New Reference or click on the New Reference button
  2. From the View fields used by drop down menu, select the citation format you want your citation formatted in
    Tip: Click on Access Style Output Menu to see the full list of possible citation formats to choose from
  3. Select the Reference Type from the drop down menu
  4. Fill in the fields located that are showing. Under the heading "Additional fields", complete any other fields you wish to store information in (such as personal notes).
  5. Once you finish entering the information, click Save Reference

Adding Citations from a Website (using RefGrab-It)

RefWorks offers a tool called RefGrab-It to help you capture website information to use as a citation.

  1. Log into RefWorks
  2. From the RefWorks menu, select Tools > RefGrab-It
  3. Follow the installation directions for the RefGrab-It bookmarklet that are appropriate for your perferred browser
  4. Find a website that contains useful information to you
  5. Click on the RefGrab-It bookmarklet that you installed in step #3
  6. RefWorks should have opened a new window that displays citation information for your website. Click on Import to add the information to your RefWorks account
  7. Again, RefWorks should have opened a new window with a confirmation message reporting your successful citation import. To view the citation, click on View Last Imported button

Importing Data from Databases

You can import records directly into RefWorks from certain online database services such as CSA, WorldCat, OCLC, ERIC, OVID, Academic Search Premier etc. This allows you to import references without the need for you to create a text file. These are only a few examples of databases that allow for direct importing

From OVID databases (PsychInfo, Medline, etc.):

  • Select one or more record(s)
  • Select Export 
  • Under Select Fields to Display choose "Complete Reference"
  • Click the Export Citations button
  • If it is blocked by a pop-up, it might ask you to click a link to open a new window

From EBSCO databases (ERIC, Academic Search Complete, Business Source Elite, etc.):

  • Put your item(s) in a folder
  • Click the folder view link(located on the right-hand side under Folder has Items)
  • Click Select All
  • Click the Export button(looks like a piece of paper with a green arrow pointing to the right)
  • Click the Direct Export to RefWorks button
  • Click the save button

From Proquest databases (Education Complete, Criminal Justice Periodicals, Dissertations & Thesis etc):

  • Mark the item(s) you want to export
  • Click on theExport/ Save option
  • Select RefWorks
  • Click onContinue

Converting from Other Bibliographic Management Programs

Click here for instructions for getting your data from other bibliographic management programs into RefWorks.

Gives directions for transferring from the following programs:

Reference Manager
EndNote Zotero