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RefWorks 2.0: RefMobile

What is RefMobile?


RefMobile is the new mobile application for RefWorks that enables users to use core RefWorks functions from any web-enabled mobile device, like phones or PDAs.

Working with RefMobile

RefMobile (www.refworks.com/mobile) gives you access to your references in RefWorks from your smart phone, mobile phone or PDA.  RefMobile provides specific functionality including:  

  • Searching within your RefWorks account

  • Viewing ALL references and file attachments (if the attachment type is supported by your mobile device)

  • Viewing references by folder

  • Adding or removing references to/from a folder

  • Creating new folders

  • Entering new references via SmartAdd -- which locates references on the web when you enter an ISBN, DOI, PubMed ID (PMID), first author and pub year, or partial title  

  • Adding comments or text to the Notes field of your references

Logging in to RefMobile

To Access Your RefWorks Account Using RefMobile:

  1. Navigate to www.refworks.com/mobile
  2. Enter your Login Name and Password.
  3. Select the Remember Login option if desired.  Your login information will be remembered for 14 days from the date you check this box.
  4. Click the Login button.