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Women's Studies and Gender Studies: Citing Sources

Citation Management with Zotero

Zotero, an open source citation management system, helps researchers collect, organize, cite, and share their research. Graduate-level researchers and above, as well as undergraduates anticipating work on related themes all make best use of citation management when they start early and integrate their citation management system into their research practices and habits. Concentrate on developing and maintaining a library of one's prospective sources and past-used ones; the researcher who dies has a rich resource of existing source material at the outset of new projects and it will continue to grow thereafter.

Also use Zotero to maintain lists of books from classes and seminars in order to compile them into reading lists for comprehensive exams or for other future uses. Journal articles, films, and other source types, digital and analog, could also appear in these lists.

University Libraries provides RefWorks, a Zotero competitor. Current RefWorks users and those who want to consider it before adopting Zotero may write to me with questions. RefWorks has created a series of short tutorials to help you get started and learn more advanced features.

Style Guides and Handbooks

Copies of each of these texts are available on each floor of the Information Commons and on reserve in Cudahy Library:

MLA Handbook

The Chicago Manual of Style


APA Manual

The library also provides The Chicago Manual of Style as an e-book

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