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Health Statistics: General Health

General Health Statistics

NHQR State Snapshots

  • State-specific health care quality information, including strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Kaiser Family Foundation: State Health Facts

  • Contains data for each state on categories such as demographics and the economy, health coverage, Medicaid, health status (which includes many subcategories), women's health, minority health, and HIV/AIDS

United Health Foundation - Resources Page (America's Health Rankings)

  • Contains America's Health Rankings where states are ranked according to several factors.  Determinants such as smoking, drinking, obesity, education, public and health policy, crime, poverty, and health outcomes such as premature death, poor mental health days, cancer deaths and more are combined to give each state a score.

The Commonwealth Fund: Charts (State Scorecard, ChartCart, Performance Snapshots) - add information here from the "Topics" tab to give idea of coverage.

  • Data coverage includes health insurance, medicare, health system performance, health care quality, child health, care of the elderly, state and international health policy,

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

  • Contains publications from research done on addiction, disparities, health insurance coverage, end of life & palliative care, cancer, eating disorders, and many others.
  • This site does not provide raw data or stats. It leads to articles that contain statistics.

Henry J. Kaiser Foundation

  • Provides fact sheets on health coverage, HIV/AIDS, medicare, minority health, prescription drugs and others.

Global Health Facts (The Kaiser Family Foundation)

  • Contains global data on HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, avian flu, polio, obesity, smoking, water, programs and funding, demography and population and other topics.

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