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Health Statistics: Heart Disease

Heart Disease Statistics

American Heart Association Statistics

  • Stats on risk factors, nutrition, quality of care, medical procedures and economic cost relating to heart disease and strokes on a national level

Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities

  • Epidemiological study sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Unfortunately, data from the study is not published on the website.  Researchers must contact the NHLBI in order to obtain the datasets.
  • There is a link to all their articles through PubMed on the home page.

CDC Heart Disease Facts and Statistics

  • Facts on heart disease at a national level including risk factors and cardiac care

CDC Heart Disease (Fast Stats)

  • Fast stats on heart disease including morbidity, health & hospice care, etc on a national level - most by sex, age, and race

 National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, Incidence and Prevalence Chartbook

  • Chart book presents largely unpublished estimates of incidence and prevalence from six community cohort studies and one surveillance study.  By race, age, sex at a national level

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