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Environmental Sustainability at Loyola: Green Apps

Green Apps

While technology has done its fair in contributing to our current environmental crises, it can also help us live greener lives everyday.  The apps listed below can help you lessen your carbon footprint in a plethora of ways!



Chicago CTA: On this page you'll find many apps that help you plan your travel via the Chicago CTA.  You can get routes and estimated arrival times for buses and trains.  Leave your gas-guzzler at home and reduce your carbon footprint with public transprotation.

Zipcar:  Zipcar is a great car share service which let's you limit your automobile purchase and use to the few times you really need it.  With their app you can now find and book a Zipcar, search for available Zipcars nearby, book a car or extend a reservation. You can also honk the horn and lock or unlock the doors, all from your phone!

Carbon Tracker:  Clear Standards Carbon Tracker enables you to manage your personal carbon footprint from commuting, vacations, or business trips. Use the iPhone GPS feature to determine the approximate distance of each leg of your trip, select the mode of transportation, and let Carbon Tracker calculate your carbon footprint. Set monthly maximum footprint goals, and play an important role in helping to reduce carbon emissions globally.

Shopping and Errands:

GoodGuide: Good Guide is a directory of healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly products. It currently covers products in the categories of Food, Personal Care, Household Chemicals, and Toys. The site gives each product an overall ranking out of 10, as well as individual rankings in the categories of health (which includes nutritional value for food), environmental impact, and social impact.

Wunderlist: No more paper calendars or post-it note todo lists!  Wunderlist is a task management system that lets you keep track of lists and projects and syncs them across all your devices for seemless access and updating.  Trees will thank you for using it.

Craigslist: You probably already use Craigslist, but never thought of it as helping you have less environmental impact.  It's a great way to keep used, but still usable, goods out of the dumpster.  You can post your items to sell or give away or get stuff yourself and save some of the earth's resources by lessening the demand for the production of new goods.

Green Eating:

Seafood Watch:  Knowing what type of seafood is most environmentally and ecosystem-friendly for the particular region you are located would be downright impossible without this app from the  Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Search fish by name for the best choice (salmon, for instance, should be wild-caught in Alaska), good alternatives (wild-caught in Washington), and what to avoid (farmed, Atlantic-caught or wild-caught in California), and reference a best practice guide for your region.

Fooducate: This app provides a simple way to know what foods to put in your cart and which foods are better left on the grocery store shelves.  With the Fooducate application open on your phone you scan the item’s barcode with your phone camera.  Each food is then given a letter grade, FoodPoints value, possible alternatives and information about why that particular food is healthy or not. 

LocavoreThis colorful app is powered by Local Dirt and makes it easy to find, buy, and cook nourishing foods that are organic, in season, and grown on small family farms in your area. It supplies you with customized daily updates on your favorite fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and dairy. It also lets you know who produces them and how environmentally responsible their farming, packaging, processing, and shipping practices are.

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