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Open Access: eCommons

Find out more about how the Loyola eCommons promotes faculty research.

Loyola eCommons

Sponsored by the University Libraries, Loyola eCommons is a networked repository system established to collect, preserve, and provide access to scholarly material produced by the Loyola University Chicago community related to research, teaching, and learning for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and the larger academic community.

Loyola eCommons facilitates a wide range of scholarly and archival activities, including collaboration, resource sharing, author rights management, digitization, preservation, and access by a global academic audience. Loyola eCommons seeks to support the research, teaching, and learning process through the open-access dissemination of a wide variety of academic works.


Loyola eCommons is a tangible expression of open access values, sharing a wealth of scholarly information, research, and creative works produced at Loyola with a global academic audience.  For more information about Loyola eCommons visit the site at http://ecommons.luc.edu/.