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Quinlan Case Competition: Company Information

Company Directories

Company vs. Brand

What we think of as the Company Name may actually be the Brand Name.

Kool Aid - Kraft Foods
Dove Soap - Lever Brothers Co.
Doritos - Frito Lay - Pepsico
Gillette - Proctor & Gamble

Brand Information

America's Greatest Brands 
Lewis Reference 
HD 69 .B7 .A43 vol. 1-5

Brands and Their Company 
Lewis Reference
T223.V4 A22

Encyclopedia of Consumer Brands 
Lewis Reference

Market Share Reporter
Lewis Ready Reference
HF 5410.M35 2007

Company Profiles

Use these databases to find company profiles and other company information.

Public vs. Private

The majority companies are classified as either public or private. Public companies sell stock, therefore anyone from the general public can buy shares and become an owner of the company. In addition, public comanpies are required by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to release information about their finances and operations.

Private companies do not sell stock to the general public. Stock is usually owned by the principles in the company, and as a result, they are not required to submit financial data to the SEC.  These companies do not publish annual reports or share information about themselves to major business publishers.  Therefore, information about private companies is generally difficult to find.

Resources for Private Companies

Hoover's Handbook of Private Companies  
Lewis Ready Reference     HG4009 .H668 

Profiles major U.S. private companies

International directory of company histories   
Lewis Reference               HD2721 .I48        

A multiple volume (& still growing) reference containing information about the "historical development of the world's most important companies."  Use the index (alphabetical, industry, & geographic) in the most recent volume.   

Ward's business directory of U.S. private and public companies 
Lewis Ready Reference     HG4057 .A575   

Over 114,000 companies arranged alphabetically, by geographic location, and by industry classification (NAICS & SIC).  The company rankings by sales within SIC and NAICS classifications are very useful.

Company Rankings

Business Rankings Annual
Lewis Ready Reference
HG 4050 .B88

D&B Business Rankings
Lewis Ready Reference
HD 2766 .D8

Market Share Reporter
Lewis Ready Reference
HF 5410.M35

Ward's Buiness Directory
Lewis Ready Reference
HG 4057 .A575

Financial Information