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Linking to Library Resources: Linking to Streaming Video

Individual Streaming Videos

Instructors who have requested that the Libraries get a streaming video for class use, will receive a link to the film to share with teir class or post on Blackboard from the AudioVisual Department.  This link may change (by semester or year or etc) according to the video copmpany's policy and you may need to contact the Audiovisual Department with each use.  In some cases these URL's may need http://flagship.luc.edu/login?url= in front (look for the word "flagship" in the URL, if there, you don't need it. or ask the Audiovisual staff).

These instructions are only necessary for URL's from the AudioVisual Department and not for the packages the Library supplies.

Streaming Videos - Alexander Street Press and APA PsycTherapy

 For Alexander Street Press videos:  use the Embed/Link (be sure that flagship is in the address or add http://flagship.luc.edu/login?url=" to the beginning ):

 Linking to a Playlist in Alexander Street Press

- create a playlist (see instructions at: http://vasc.alexanderstreet.com/help/view/creating_playlists

- while in the created Playlist, click on the link for Embed/Link. 

- a window with the link will pop up.  Copy the link and add "http://flagship.luc.edu/login?url=" to the beginning (if flagship is not in the URL).

Streaming Videos - Vanderbilt Television News Archive

Streaming Videos - Ambrose Video 2.2

Locate the video to which you want to link and copy the link from the bottom of the page ( Copy the link and add "http://flagship.luc.edu/login?url=" to the beginning, if flagship is not in the URL):


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