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Looking for a Class in Ethics?

Loyola  University Chicago's Quinlan School of Business offers many classes in business ethics at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive level.  To register for these courses or view the full course description, visit the course catalog in LOCUS.  All courses over 400 represent graduate or executive education.

  • MGMT 321 - International Business Ethics
  • MGMT 341 - Ethics in Business (H represents Honors Section)
  • MGMT 345 - Ethics, Economics & Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 441 - Business Ethics
  • MGMT 443 - Global Environmental Ethics
  • MGMT 446 - International Business Ethics
  • MGMT 447 - Special Topics in Ethics: Variable Topics
  • MGMT 448: Ethics in Finance
  • MGMT 449: Independent Study in Ethics

Certificate in Ethics

Reporting Ethical Issues

Many organizations have procedures in place to report ethical misconduct, anonymously or otherwise.  Talk to the Human Resources representative or your manager at work if you are unsure what the standard reporting procedure should be at your office.  If no reporting procedure exists, try seeking out advice from a professional development organization or a corporate office if available. Below are some articles on ethical issues in the workplace.