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2019 Municipal Election

What is the 2019 Municipal Election?

On February 26, 2019, Chicago will hold Municipal Elections -- meaning elections for city offices. The offices up for election are mayor, city clerk, city treasurer, and all 50 seats on the city council (known as Aldermen and Alderwomen).

On April 2, 2019, there will be a runoff between the top two candidates in any office where one candidate does not receive over 50%. There will probably be a mayoral runoff, as there are currently 17 candidates for mayor alone!

Why Should I Care?

These municipal elections can greatly affect daily life in Chicago! Affordable housing and crime are big issues in this election, as are policing policies, economic disparities, and racial divisions in the city. Chicago is governed by a strong mayor and city council system, which means that the city council are the primary legislative body and the mayor is the chief executive--kind of like Congress and the President. Basically, this election is an opportunity to choose everyone who will make the laws in Chicago for the next four years.

If There's (Likely) Going To Be A Runoff Election, Why Should I Vote In February?

There will only be a runoff for offices where no one receives a majority of the votes (greater than 50%) so the election in February may be the only time you get to vote for your Alderman or city treasurer--and these seats are just as important as the mayor!

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