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Here are some basic definitions.

  • catalog - A searchable database of all the books, journals and other materials available in a library. Our catalog is called Pegasus.
  • citation - Information needed to identify a book or article; includes author, title, publisher, date, etc.
  • database - A computer file that can be searched to find information on a specific topic. The libraries subscribe to many databases (see Articles by Subject). Some databases include citations, while others have full text.
  • e-book - A book that is available in electronic format, usually over the Internet. The libraries subscribe to an e-book service called NetLibrary.
  • FAQ - Short for Frequently Asked Questions. Many Web sites have an FAQ to aid users.
  • in process - When a book is listed as in process in the catalog, it is a new book either on order or being processed by the library staff. You can request an in process book using the online form.
  • index - A database that contains references (citations) to articles and/or books.
  • interlibrary loan - The process used to request a book or article from a library outside of Loyola. Used when Loyola does not own the item you need.
  • intercampus loan - The process used to request a book or article from a library on another Loyola campus.
  • off-campus access - Connecting to Loyola library resources from a computer outside of the university-- for example, from your home or workplace.
  • Pegasus - Name of Loyola's online library catalog.
  • portal - A web site that offers a starting point for Web exploration. Yahoo is an example of a portal.
  • proxy server - The proxy server allows you to sign on with your Loyola ID and access library resources from off campus.
  • recall  - The process of requesting a book that is currently checked out by someone else. A notice is sent asking that the book be returned before the due date.
  • reference - The library department that assists users with finding information and using library resources.
  • reference by appointment - An appointment set up with a librarian for personalized reference assistance.
  • remote access - See off-campus access.
  • search engine  - A device used to search a database or the World Wide Web. The interface to a search engine is usually a form that you fill in and submit. Google is an example of a search engine.

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