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Register to vote, research candidates, and find out more about the 2018 midterm elections

Upcoming Events

Voter Registration Events

  • September 25th from 11-1: Voter Registration Day @ the Information Commons, 1st floor 
  • October 1st from 1-2: Voter Registration Day @ Arrupe College
  • October 3rd from 11-2: Voter Registration Day @ Lewis Library, Corboy Law Center 6th Floor

Other Events

  • November 6th from 9:00-4:30: Election Day Party (streaming coverage & snacks) @ the Information Commons, 4th floor

Still not sure when or where to vote? Click the 'Get Registered' tab!

Still not sure who to vote for? Click the 'Who's Up For Election' tab!

Why Should We Care About The Midterms?

  • Party Power - voting in the midterms is your chance to choose which parties are in power of the legislature
  • A Whole New Congress - all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives are up for grabs. The midterm elections can make a massive amount of difference in what bills get introduced and made into law
  • Make Your Voice Heard - it's a chance to let your representatives know what you think about how they've handled the President's first two years
  • Get Local - numerous state and local seats are up for election in the midterms. This is your chance to get involved with what's going on in Chicago or, if you vote elsewhere, what your politicians are doing back home.

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