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Sean Jacobson

Fall 2020

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Final Project Research

Use this guide to identify research tools and search strategies for your final project, no matter the form it takes. Remember to use the same creativity in your research as you use to craft your project. Choose a topic that interests you and then see where it takes you into the library's diverse collections of ebooks, journal articles, streaming videos, and primary sources from historical newspapers and magazines to collected letters and journals.

Background Research

Only by first acquainting yourself with the persons, events, and periods about which you later research extensively can you hope to see in search results relevant and interesting materials worth saving for a closer look. Try the sources below for authoritative, concise background. Don't see a source that matches your topic? Email and we'll find one.


Follow a two-step process to identify ebooks in particular within the library catalog. Link from library catalog records to the ebooks themselves.

Link here to see screen images for finding ebooks among all of the format types otherwise found in a catalog search.

Ejournal articles

JSTOR serves as an archive of journal articles published in most subject areas. Keep in mind that other, subject specific research databases offer more depth and that within JSTOR it's usually not possible to see the most recent five years' of articles from any journal but in a case such as this where we need not research intensively, JSTOR provides a convenient tool for finding relevant articles from prominent journals.

Link here to see a sample JSTOR search. 

Historical Newspapers

Discover news stories written when an event occurred and how reporters covered it; these sources allow you to think critically about conclusions drawn by contemporary scholars in the books you read and journal articles you consult.

Google for Historical Research

Select from freely available web sources with care: 

Source Citations

Remember that you need to carefully cite every source you include in your annotated bibliography. Refer to your annotated bibliography assignment description for help formatting the citations. For future projects, remember that the library has helpful sources and tools for this purpose and in all of the prominent citation styles, including the Chicago Manual of Style in ebook format.

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