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Felipe Legarreta

Fall 2020

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Researched Essay on Ignatian Traditions and Vocation

Use the resources and strategies identified in this course guide to locate sources, including scholarly/academic ones, that will help you support your essay's argument.

Focus on connecting the values and principles of Jesuit education to your intended vocation using the class readings, including Traub's A Jesuit Education. Use the resources in this guide to inform your understanding of issues of the common good and your intended vocation. For example, a nursing student and future pediatric nurse might research how, as a registered nurse, they can help make prenatal care accessible to all women regardless of income or insurance. 

Locate Ebooks Using the Library Catalog

Open search notes to see how to configure a library catalog advanced search and locate the library's ebooks.

Locate Articles Using a Research Database

 Open search notes, page two, and see how to locate articles that meet the assignment's requirements. 

Cite Sources Used in Your Essay

Remember that your citations allow your reader to identify and find the sources you used. I recommend the NCSU Citation Builder for formatting the most common source types in the most used styles: MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian.

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