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THEO 266: Church and Global Cultures: Home

Lauren O'Connell

Spring Semester 2021

  How can we together insure you do your best when learning remotely and performing digital research?

Start with our library guide for remote learning, then write to me at for research support, appointment requests, ebook recommendations, and instruction opportunities. All questions welcome!

Researching Contemporary Issues in a Christian Context

This guide provides access to recommended newspaper articles, magazine articles, and reports using newspaper repositories, research databases, and reporting services.

Newspapers: The New York Times

The newspaper's own website limits access to full articles. Read an unlimited number by obtaining a pass through the library. Start by creating your own account with your university email address and the password of your choice. I hope you will continue to read the Times even after you've completed this assignment! Note that you will need to reconfirm your pass annually. When you're due, you will receive an email explaining how to update and confirm your pass.

Newspapers: The Wall Street Journal

The newspaper's website only provides full articles to subscribers. Student accounts through the library gain full access to each day's articles. First activate your account using your university email address and the password of your choice. Make Journal reading a daily habit! Note that you will receive a reminder twice annually asking that you reconfirm your account activation.

Newspapers: Other Titles

Newsstream, a digital collection of articles published in hundreds of newspapers, will allow you to supplement the articles you find in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal with regional perspectives.

Magazines: General Interest and Christian Focused

Academic Search Complete, a research database providing access to general interest magazines (as well as academic journals), includes content from a variety of Christian publications. Link directly to those titles within the research database (and elsewhere) using the list below, as well as to the database in its entirety.

Especially Noteworthy Christian Magazines 

Reports: CQ Researcher

Reports: Congressional Research Service

Reports: Pew Research Center on Religion and Public Life

Adding Sources to a Bibliography

Your assignment asks that you choose a citation style and use it in your bibliography.  A reliable citation tool that supports each of the major styles is the NCSU Citation Builder.

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