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Computer Science & IT

This guide will introduce you to resources that are available to you, if at any point you are not sure where to find information, you can always contact me or use our Ask a Librarian chat.

What Is Programming? Why Python?

Issues with playing video above, go to: https://luc.kanopy.com/video/what-programming-why-python

Departmental Labs



Computer Science is for everyone!

How Computers Learn to Recognize Objects Instantly

Most Used Resources

Computer Science Software/IDE's

Click the links below for more detailed information on the individual product's, most include an introductory tutorial.  The application files are located under the START menu of any public computer on-campus: look for Loyola Software- Math & Computer Science to download.

Other Useful Resources

Silicon Valley: Documentary

Silicon Cowboys: Documentary

Issues with playing video above, go to: https://luc.kanopy.com/video/silicon-cowboys

Additional IT Certification


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Computer Science Databases