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Spreadsheet Therapy

Principles of "data tidiness" to make spreadsheets easier to manage, use, and understand.

Protecting your data

Protecting against data loss does not have to be arduous. A few good habits can go a long way

  • ALWAYS keep a copy of your raw data in a separate file from any analysis or manipulation
    • Set this file to read-only
  • Use separate tabs or documents to clean and analyze your data
    • Keep track of all steps you perform on your data in a separate tab or metadata file
  • Save early and often
  • Keep multiple backups of your data in at least two physical locations
    • Example: keep one copy on your hard drive, one in SharePoint, and one on another cloud-based server like Google Drive
  • Keep multiple versions of files in case one gets corrupted
    • Use a clear naming convention like file_v1.txt, file_v2.txt
  • When not actively working with data, set files to read-only or open in read-only mode