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Education Main Research Guide: History of Education

History of Education

Internet Resources on the History of Education

Compiled by Dr. Ann Marie Ryan


Historical Research Resources


Reading, Writing and Researching for History - A solid guide for researching and writing history. These guidelines help students as they learn how to write historical narratives.


Primary and Secondary Sources - A tutorial from the UCI Libraries - University of California, Irvine


Evaluating Primary Source Web Sites
A great page from the University of Washington

Recognizing Plagiarism



Online Historical Archives


American Memory


History Matters


Making of America


American Journeys - This site focuses on documents related to explorations and settlement of North America.

Digital History - Provides primary sources with introductory descriptions.

Documenting the American South - Offers primary documents related to the history of the American South.

 The 'Best' History Sites - A site that offers links to other history sites. The sites have been reviewed and are organized by field, topic and time period.

 The American West - Offers resources related to the documentary 'The West'. It includes primary sources and lesson plans.

The Homeroom – Focuses on the history of education in British Columbia, Canada.


Chicago History Museum


Newberry Library


Urban Experience in Chicago - This site provides primary sources and scholarly narratives related to Hull-House in Chicago from 1889 to 1963.


Secondary Sources:


These sites are mostly secondary sources, but some contain primary sources or links to primary sources.

The story of American Education (PBS).


History of American Education WebProject


History of Education: Selected Moments of the 20th Century



An International Timeline on Education from UNESCO