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Communication: Advertising/PR

Resources in Advertising & Public Relations

Below are some general resources in the disciplines of advertising, public relations, and marketing. Some are databases or journals, whereas others are tools used in the field to research customers, products, and industries. Unsure where to start? Use the dropdown in the Advertising/PR tab to find resources for Industry Research, Company Information, or Target Markets.

Electronic Resources

Advertising Periodicals

Below are a list of commonly used advertising periodicals and journals. Click on the title to view the record in the library catalog. Unless otherwise indicated, the journals are available both in print and electronic formats.  For further information on how to access them, please contact the Reference Desk.

Advertising Age


Consumption, Markets & Culture
(Electronic only)

International Journal of Advertising

International Journal of Market Research

Journal of Advertising

Journal of Advertising Research

Journal of Consumer Psychology

Journal of Consumer Culture
(Electronic only)

Journal of Consumer Research

Journal of Marketing Communications
(Electronic only)


Reference Materials

Advertising Red Books-Agencies (Available Online)
Lewis Ready Reference
HF5805 .S72

Advertising Red Books-International Advertisers and Agencies
Lewis Ready Reference  (Available Online)
HF 5804 .S73

Advertising Red Books-Advertisers (Available Online)
Lewis Ready Reference
HF 5805 .S617 (Business Classifications)
HF5805 .S714 (Indexes)

America's Greatest Brands (5 vols)
Lewis Reference
HD 69 .B7 .A43

Bacon's Directories
Lewis Ready Reference
Newspaper - HD 59 .B32
Magazine - HD 59 .B31
Radio - HE 8696.8 .B332
TV/Cable - HE 8696.8 .B334

Encyclopedia of Advertising (3 vols)
Lewis Reference
HF 5803 .A38

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns (2 vols)
Lewis Reference
HF 5837 .E53

Lifestyle Market Analyst
Lewis Ready Reference
HF 5415.33 .U6 .L54

Market Share Reporter
Online Resource
EBOOK Gale Directory Library

SRDS Advertising Source (Available Online)
Lewis Reference
Consumer Magazine - HF5905 .S725
Newspaper - HF5905 .S73
Radio - HF 5905 .S74
TV & Cable - HF 5905 .S74