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The ILL Department's Student Manual: Training & Tutorials

The Lay of the Land

On your first day of work, you will be given a physical tour of the ILL office and important areas in Cudahy Library.  You will need to be able to find:

  • timeclock
  • main ILL office
  • packing workstation
  • ILL hold shelf
  • photocopiers
  • bookeye scanner
  • mail room
  • periodicals reshelving
  • book return
  • break room and restrooms
  • administrative offices
  • main stacks (where all the books are!)

Training Outline

It can take months for a new student worker to learn everything there is to know about working in the ILL department!  We've created a training checklist that will keep track of what you know and what you still need to learn.  The full checklist will be kept in your personnel file in the office, but here's a taste of what we'll be teaching you:

First Week:

  • Office/library tour
  • Library of Congress Call Numbers Tutorial
  • Timecards & Kronos
  • Book & Article Searches

Basic Tasks (within first semester):

  • Scanning/Copying Articles
  • Unpacking ILDS Bags
  • Pulling Returns Paperwork

Advanced Tasks (within second semester):

  • Updating stacks search books
  • Charging/Banding Books
  • Packing ILDS Bags
  • Borrowing Receives
  • Assisting with Returns
  • Hold Shelf Overdues


PDF - Training Outline

Call Number Tutorials

One of the most basic tasks in the ILL department is finding books in the stacks -- but you'll need to know how to read a call number. 

A call number is a unique sequence of letters and numbers assigned to each book.  All the books in our library are in call number order, which allows books on the same subject to be grouped together. 

For example, the call number for Shakepeare's Hamlet is PR2807.A2 H5 1987, while Romeo and Juliet is PR2831 .A2 R5 1948.  Notice that both start with "PR," which is the broader section for literature. 

Before you learn to find books in the stacks, you will learn how to put call numbers in order using a computer program called LC Easy.  Your supervisor will schedule a time for you to complete this training exercise during your first week.