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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

The ILL Department's Student Manual: ILL Overview

What do student workers do in the ILL office?

  • find books and journals in the library stacks
  • use the scanner to make electronic copies of articles
  • prepare books for delivery
  • assist in the unpacking and packing of delivery bags
  • process books for the ILL hold shelf
  • other duties as assigned

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan is a system that allows libraries to share materials with each other.  It consists of two parts, Lending and Borrowing.  Here are the most important things to know about each:


  • Lending is when Loyola lends its own materials to other libraries.
  • We lend whole books (through a courrier/US mail) and copies of journal articles (usually sent electronically as a PDF).
  • Student workers tend to help with Lending more than Borrowing.



  • Borrowing is when Loyola asks other libraries if we can borrow something from their collection.
  • Loyola faculty, students, and staff can ask the ILL department to obtain books and articles not owned at Loyola.
  • Articles are usually delivered electronically.  Books can usually be taken home, but must be returned fairly quickly.
  • This service is free of charge, though you are responsible for overdue fines or lost book charges if applicable.

PDF - ILL Overview


ILLiad is a computer software used to process ILL requests.  You will eventually use it to complete advanced tasks. Patrons can log into ILLiad from the web and ask for books and articles.