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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

The ILL Department's Student Manual: Packing ILDS Bags

How to pack ILDS bags.

ILDS bags are used to deliver books between libraries in Illinois.  After a student locates books in the stacks, they are marked shipped in ILLiad, charged out in Voyager, banded and put into ILDS bags for delivery.  A courrier comes every morning to pick up our outgoing deliveries and drop off incoming bags.

You will pack ILDS bags in the workstation near the ILL office.  The pile of books to the left of the computer monitor by the wall will need to be charged out in Voyager, banded, and placed onto the appropriate ILDS shelf.  Books by the desk edge will need to be marked shipped in ILLiad charged out in Voyager, banded, and placed onto the appropriate ILDS shelf. Once this is done, you are ready to pack bags!

1. Go to Click on "LABELS" tab. Under the drop down for “Select Your Library,” choose “LUC – Loyola University of Chicago.”

2. Sort all the books on the ILDS Misc. shelf into piles by route.  All the books going to the same university should be together, as should books going to public library systems such as XBR or XWH. The books on the shelves above the computer are already pre-sorted.


3. On the ILDS web site: for each route, select the appropriate library or library system from the “Select the Desination” drop down menu, then enter the number of items going into the bag.  Click “Add.” 

  • For items that are going to library systems serving multiple libraries, you will need to affix a routing label to the book.  On the label, circle the code for the library system and write the full name of the destination library at the top of the slip.  Secure the label on the book with rubber bands and tape. 
  • Items that are going to an individual library do not need a routing label.


4. Put item aside until bagging, keeping the different routes separate by creating separate or staggered piles. 

5. Repeat steps #4 and #5 until all items have been entered into the label system.


6. Click on “Print.”  The system will open a PDF of the labels; print one copy.  Use the paper cutter to cut the labels apart, then spread out on an empty surface.


7. Take the item(s) for the first route, match to the correct label, and place in bag.

  • The small purple zipper bags, located under the desk, should be used ship a small number of items to a particular library/library system.  Place the ILDS label in the clear plastic window, zip the bag close, and then secure by placing a zip tie through both the zipper tab and the grommet in the bag’s upper right-hand corner.
  • The large purple zipper bags should be used when a large number of books are being sent that cannot fit into a small purple bag.  In the desk drawer, you will find clear plastic label holders that can be attached to the canvas bag with a zip tie.
  • Blue pouches are used to protect media materials and are placed inside the purple bag.
  • Bags should be placed on the floor to the left of the entrance.


8. Repeat steps #6 and #7 until all items have been matched to their labels and bagged.

9. Print two copies of a shipping manifest by following these steps:

  • From the ILDS labels web site, click on the "Manifests" tab at the top of the page.
  • Select LUC in the drop-down and log in with the password ilds.
  • At the top of the page, you'll see the list of bags you just packed. Double check that the number of bags on the manifest matches the number of bags you have packed!
  • If the information is correct, click on "Approve Manifest."
  • Under "View/Print Manifests", make sure today's date is selected and click on "Create."  This will open a PDF file.
  • Print two copies, sign each one, and place them on the purple clipboard to the left of the computer.
  • If signed manifest from previous day is on purple clip board. Take to the hole punch and then place in binder on shelf to right of work area.


PDF - How to pack ILDS bags