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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

The ILL Department's Student Manual: How to Unpack ILDS Bags

How to Unpack ILDS bags.

Empty bags and sort by
Borrowing Arrives (top of cart) ****Make sure there is paperwork with the item****
Lending Returns (on counter)

Also process Lending returns from bottom shelf of bakers rack in ILL office
(watch for IFLA vouchers – plastic cards used for payment of international ILL services)

Lending Returns
          Lending Returns Received (receives)****
Check that “auto Process”
is on
Scan all TN#s
Clear Processed
(remove ILL paperbands)

Borrowing Arrives go on top shelf of bakers rack in ILL office
Take Lending Returns to circ desk and place on cart - ****put sign on cart ”Returned from ILL please discharge”

*Books without paper work should be given to Linda

***Tom places mail returns on bottom shelf of bakers rack in ILL office **** Process as Lending returns in ILLiad and take to cart at circ desk

IFLA’s - these are plastic cards that are used for payment of ILL services. Bring the book with the IFLAs to Linda


PDF - How to Unpack ILDS Bags