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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Edward Gorey: Library Resources

Edward Gorey - Illustrator, Artist, Author

Edward Gorey Pseudonyms

Gorey was very fond of word games, particularly anagrams. He wrote many of his books under pseudonyms that usually were anagrams of his own name. Some of these are listed below.

Ogdred Weary

Mrs. Regera Dowdy

Eduard Blutig

Raddory Gewe

E. G. Deadworry

D. Awdrey-Gore

Edward Pig

Madame Groeda

Weyrd Dewda Yorge


A Selection of Edward Gorey Books

The following are some of the books available at Loyola both about and by Edward Gorey. You can search for more Edward Gorey material in the library catalog.

Anagrammatic Pseudonym Publications