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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Human Library: NLW 2023

The Human Library™ is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.

Spiritualist Minister

A Spiritualist Minister

Why are you volunteering: 

Stacy is an ordained minister, certified medium, commissioned healer and National Spiritualist teacher for Modern Spiritualism which is the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Continuous Life proven through Mediumship. She loves that life continues even when the physical body tires and had been communicating by means of mediumship locally and nationally. She loves teaching others to do the same.

 I am volunteering to help educate and show a perspective of another religion that might be labeled incorrectly without the knowledge behind it. I love sharing ideas and ways that others can live. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge, and I am a continuous student.  

Questions to ask: 

  • What is Mediumship?
  • What is the foundation of the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Modern Spiritualism?
  • How does your religion compare to others?