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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

International Learning Community

This guide is meant to enhance and support students' experiences in the International Learning Community.

Searching For Information

Guide: Create wordcloud with helpful keywords and terms using Tagxedo. Use relevant and easy to see colors. Also, make sure to use Sans Serif fonts in a horizontal layout and easy to see shape (such as a heart or circle).

Try out some of these keywords when searching the library resources!

Also, try the different searching techniques listed below each database in the "Library Resources" box.

Related Resources

Guide: Place links to resources that support research, but are not library databases. You can make this a books in our catalog box (like it is in the Wellness Learning Community guide), or you can make it outside resources that do not directly relate to getting involved in campus or community, such as the website links you see below.

Library Book Resources

Guide: Add links to relevant eBooks and books in our catalog here. One to three books is usually enough.

Library Database Resources

Use library resources to find information and conduct research.

Guide: Create database links for library databases that are relevant to the Learning Community topic(s). Make sure to map these database links from those already in our assets repository. When adding, create a custom description that gives a one sentence description of the database, as well as one-three sentences of helpful tips to searching that specific database (see examples below). I included seven databases for each guide.