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Ecology Background Sources

The resources listed below are a great place to start any Ecology research project.  The entries in these reference sources are usually quite short but can give you very helpful background information on your topic such as search terms, dates, important people and other resources like books and articles to continue on with your research.

Scientific American: Ecology News

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Ecology Related Databases

Look in several of the databases below for scholarly articles, reports and other types of data.  Remember to try several of them and come up with different search terms to try.  Each database is different and you may find better results depending on which terms you use to search it. 

As always, if you come up with any questions with these resources, please visit the 2nd floor Research Help desk in the IC or shoot me an email with the link over to the right.  -->

News Sources

While you will want to base your projects on scholarly articles and research data, news sources can be a great way to get background information and determine what the current situation is. 

Also, check out some of the Ecology magazine news site RSS feeds to the right and left of this box.  While articles from Ecology Today and Scientific American may not be scholarly, they contain great information and can point you to the original scientific research they are reporting on.  That original scientific research is what you'll want to find and cite for your final project.

Better Google Searching

The internet is full of great information on currnet issues in Ecology.  By learning to limit your searches, you can filter out commerical websites and get to more authoritative resources like the government or educational institutions. 

To limit your search simply type your search terms followed by site:.urlending

For example:

  • Wind Turbines Great Lakes site:.gov
  • Genetically modified crops site:.edu

You can also search specific sites by adding the doman name in the site limiter. 

For example:

  • Lake Michigan Mississippi River evasive species site:.epa.gov   --> now I will just get results from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Below are some different types of websites you may want to limit to.

  • .gov   Government
  • .edu   Higher Education Institutions
  • .org   Usually Non-profit Organizations, but not always
  • .com  Commercial --> Use these sparingly.  Remember, because they are commercial they are making money by you visiting their site and may not be unbiased.

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Ecology News

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Ecology Today

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PHYSorg.com: Ecology News

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