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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Senn High School 2022

As a student of Senn High School and a resident of Cook County, you have access to many scholarly resources. This library guide will help you navigate those materials and answer a lot of your research questions, including:


Topic Development

  • What can you research?
  • Is there information on this topic?
  • How can you turn this idea into a research question?

Where should you search?

  • Where can you find reliable articles and books?
  • What free resources can you access, and how do you get to them?

Is this a good source?

  • Is this a reliable and relevant source?
  • Is it peer-reviewed?
  • What does it MEAN to be scholarly?

How do I cite my sources?

  • What is a citation and how are they formatted?
  • What tools can create and organize citations for you?
  • How do you cite different sources?


  • What is common knowledge?