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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Library Advisory Board (LAB)

Official guide to LUC Libraries' student Library Advisory Board (LAB).

Welcome to the Library Advisory Board!

What is the Library Advisory Board?

The Library Advisory Board (LAB) is a leadership opportunity for Loyola University Chicago undergraduate and graduate students to engage with the Libraries and improve the user experience of Loyola's student body.

The primary objective of LAB is to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas between the student body and library staff, faculty, and administration to better address student needs, provide new services, and improve existing services and spaces.

What You Might Be Doing:
  • Convey student needs, concerns, and priorities regarding Library services, spaces, resources, and programming
  • Provide feedback on library services and policies
  • Provide ideas and input on the design and implementation of new library services
  • Provide ideas and input on improving library spaces
  • Provide feedback on improving library collections
  • Help librarians communicate information about library services and resources to the student community
  • Help execute library events and programming (if interested)
How Much of a Time Commitment is LAB?
  • Will meet at least three times per semester:
    • Once towards the beginning of the semester to establish goals
    • Once in the middle of the semester to gauge progress
    • Once towards the end of the semester to determine if goals were accomplished
  • Will also meet and touch base informally throughout the semester at library events