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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

THEO 100: Introduction to Christian Theology i2

Lauren O'Connell

Identify a Theologian

Browse the names of approximately 450 theologians from early history through the present  and read brief biographical sketches using a list from Britannica. Notice the filters near the top of the page where you can narrow the list by date and other categories. 

Also consider browsing one or more of the background research sources linked below, all ebooks from the University Libraries digital collections.

Locate a Primary Source

Search for possibilities in the library catalog (especially to locate books) and the research databases (especially to locate articles). See the next section for details.  Many primary sources exist outside copyright with text freely available online and accessible from a Google search.

You may also want to consider locating a digital edition in an online text collection.

Locate Secondary Sources

Remember that you want your articles to have been published in reputable academic/scholarly journals. The recommended research databases provide the most efficient means for locating these. Look especially for books published by university presses or by theology/religion-focused publishers such as Augsburg Fortress, Eerdman's, or the Society of Biblical Literature. Also consider the author; look for article/book authors affiliated with universities or seminaries. Learn about an author's background using Google to locate their faculty profile or by assessing their publications; scholars will have published in the kinds of journals and with the kinds of publishers as you already seek as presenters of your secondary sources.

Cite Sources in Chicago Style's Notes/Bibliography Format