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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

THEO 231: Old Testament

Teresa Calpino

Online Reference Sources

Old Testament Volumes in the Anchor Bible Commentary Series

Access these volumes online; use the title lists to reach the book of interest.

Print editions of the books in the Anchor Bible Commentary Series are shelved in the Cudahy Library Reference Collection, located in a space referred to as Stack Deck B.  You will see this space on the library floor map or you may ask for direction to it at the library Circulation Desk.

The volumes are shelved in order at the call number BS 192.2 .A1.  (Note that a volume for Deuteronomy 12-34 has not been published.) 

Other Bible Commentaries

Many more Bible commentaries are in the Cudahy Library Main Stacks.  They can be searched for in the library catalog using the keywords bible commentary genesis, replacing "genesis" with any book.  Alternatively, you may simply browse the shelves for a commentary of interest.  Look for them by Library of Congress call number on the third floor.

Historical Books: Genesis – Esther (BS 1231-1371)

Poetical Books: Job – Song of Solomon (BS 1411-1481)

Prophetic Books: Isaiah – Daniel (BS 1511-1551)

Minor Prophets: Hosea – Malachi (BS 1561-1671)

Deuterocanonical books: Tobit – 2 Maccabees (BS 1721-1825)

Rather than seek commentary on a particular passage, you may prefer to find commentary on a concept such as hospitality, marriage, prayer, mourning, or the Sabbath.  Search the library catalog using keywords such as bible commentary family which locates, among other possibilities, a book titled Abraham and all the Families of the Earth: A Commentary on the Book of Genesis 12-50.

Sources on Themes in Contemporary Judaism

Books located in the Cudahy Library Main Stacks may be retrieved from the shelf or requested.  Books in other locations (such as Lewis Library at the Water Tower Campus or the Library Storage Facility) may also be requested.

Use the Get Item button in a catalog record to reveal the request link.  Click on the request link and log into your library account.  Click on the request link again; select your preferred pick-up location and then submit the form.  As soon as the requested book is available for you, you will receive an email message.

Obtain help with the request process by calling the Cudahy Library Circulation Desk at 773-508-2632.