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Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

A guide to information resources related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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Data Rescue Efforts

There are a variety of efforts being undertaken to rescue endangered digital content from Ukraine.

For cultural heritage data rescue, there is a cooperative effort called Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage. SUCHO is looking for volunteers to help with the identification of valuable web content as well as with the mechanics of web archiving themselves.

The Library of Congress is archiving government websites and web publications in Russia and Ukraine as part of its East European Government Ministries Web Archive.

A small number of sites are being captured for preservation as part of the Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union collection in the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation’s Web Archiving program.

Broader Context

The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies’ Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine
An online encyclopedia of Ukraine that includes a very detailed and extensive history of Ukraine from 5400 BC through the end of the Soviet period.

Episode from Vox’s Today Explained Podcast Featuring Prof. Timothy Snyder (Yale)
A rich, concise overview of the long history of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

Resources on the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

This library research guide gathers information resources related to the armed conflict and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The following links were shared by LUC faculty council: 

Resources on the Russo-Ukrainian Situation 2014-

East Carolina University’s Federal Documents, Sources on the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict and Sources on the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, Part Two: The Russian Military and Eastern Europe
A collection of US government documents and reports related to the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict 2014-present

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