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Research Guide for Anthropology

Anthropology Research Guide

This Subject Guide is designed to provide resources and helpful information for Anthropology majors/minors. 

Anthropology is a discipline that uniquely bridges the social and natural sciences. Anthropologists study the diversity of humankind as manifest through time and across the globe. The scope of anthropology is vast, and is divided traditionally into four major subfields, each of which contribute distinct perspectives on the issues of what makes us human:

  • Biological anthropology addresses the physical properties of humans and their primate relatives, both now and in prehistory.
  • Cultural anthropology investigates contemporary human cultures and the diversity of human social institutions.
  • Archaeology concerns cultures of the past.
  • Linguistic anthropology focuses on language and its interrelationship with culture.

Together, these branches of study teach us about modern human biological and cultural diversity, as well as our evolutionary origins, thereby enhancing our understanding of the past, present and future of the human species.

Most Used Resources

Writing & Style Guides, etc

  • AAA Writing & Style Guide (pdf) "AAA uses The Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition, 2015) 
  • LUC Writing Center -  The center is a great resource that supports all undergraduate writing, especially upper and lower division writing assignments.