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APA Style and Citation


APA Online Subscriptions

Primary Style or Format Guide

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association : The Official Guide to APA Style. Seventh ed. American Psychological Association, 2020.

Available at the Reference desks at Lewis Library, Cudahy Library, the IC and Lewis Reserve desk.


APA 7 Style - Resources

Other Writing Resources and Tutorials

Citation Managers

Citation Managers are software programs designed to help you organize your resources (books, articles, etc) .  Different software has different abilities and features. 

DOI - what is it?

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a set of alpha-numeric characters which are used to uniquely identify something (usually a document or service) on the web. Although the locations of these items may move over time, the DOI goes with them, allowing you to find them.
 To find a document or service using the DOI, use a "resolver."   Type or copy the DOI (with all punctuation, letters and numbers) into the search box of resolvers like: