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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

One Loyola Library

An informational guide for the One Loyola Library initiative

What is One Loyola Library?

The One Loyola Library task force was formed in March 2021 following the Provost's directive to align all Loyola Libraries into a One Loyola Library system. The stated goal of this alignment is to build a library structure that is more nimble; aware of the unique needs of each individual campus; and responsive to the faculty, students, and staff of today and tomorrow. The task force is chaired jointly by the directors of the Loyola University Libraries, the Health Sciences Library, and the Law Library. The membership is comprised of representatives from every Loyola school (except for the School of Environmental Sustainability and the School of Continuing & Professional Studies) and three librarians from each of the three libraries. 

One Loyola Library Final Report and Data Analysis Highlights

The One Loyola Library task force completed their work and produced both a Final Report and Recommendations document and a Data Analysis Highlights report

One Loyola Library Task Force - Our Charge

The teaching, learning, research, and work of Loyola University Chicago (LUC) is supported by a Health Sciences Library on the Maywood Campus; a Law Library on the Water Tower Campus; and University Libraries which includes Cudahy Library, the Loyola Information Commons, and the Library Storage Facility on the Lake Shore Campus, Lewis Library on the Water Tower Campus, and the Information Commons at the John Felice Rome Center.  

In the spirit of One Loyola, and with an eye toward collaborative action in building a library structure that is nimble, aware of the unique needs of each individual campus, and responsive to today’s and tomorrow’s faculty, students, and staff, the Provost has asked that a task force be formed and comprised of key stakeholders representing the three LUC campuses. Task force members will work together to identify need, solicit feedback, and describe current opportunities and challenges for building a 21st-century library. The work will culminate in recommendations and a vision for a Loyola University Chicago Library System.

One Loyola Library Task Force - Our Members

*Marianne Ryan, Chair

Dean, University Libraries

*Gail Hendler, Co-Chair

Assoc Provost and Director,

Health Sciences Library

*Patricia Scott, Co-Chair

Director, Law Library

*Abby Annala

Adjunct, Quinlan School of Business

Lorenzo Baber

Assoc Prof, School of Education

Emily Barman

Dean, The Graduate School

Julia Bninski

Asst Dean, Arrupe College

Julie Darnell

Assoc Prof, Parkinson School

Sander Evers

Assoc Prof, JFRC

James Faught

Assoc Dean, School of Law

*Emma Heet

Assoc Dean, University Libraries

*Elizabeth Huggins

Librarian, Health Sciences Library

Jan Kelly

Asst Prof, Stritch School of Medicine

Carol Kostovich

Assoc Prof, Niehoff School of Nursing

*Hong Ma

Assoc Dean, University Libraries

Molly Marz

Admin Asst, University Libraries

Goutham Menon

Dean, School of Social Work

Mariana Miller

Asst Dean, Institute of Pastoral Studies

*Joe Mitzenmacher

Librarian, Law Library

Catherine Nichols

Adv Lecturer, Anthropology

*Lucy Robbins

Asst Director, Law Library

*Tiffany Tawzer

Librarian, Health Sciences Library

Jing Yang

Asst Prof, School of Communication

* Denotes Steering Committee Member