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Loyola University Chicago Libraries

Research Guides: Policies and Guidelines: Tabs & Formatting

This guides contains information on Loyola's Research Guides implementation, including boxes, formatting, linking, and images.

Tabs & Formatting Guidelines

  • Each guide will have the following tabs
  1. Home (1st tab)
  2. Databases (2nd tab)
  3. Course Guides (Penultimate tab - only necessary if discipline has course guides)
  4. Help (Final tab)
  • All html boxes should use the default Font Family, which is Arial.
  • Size can be changed depending on the needs of the guide.
  • Do NOT copy and paste into any type of box.  This creates situations of different fonts and formatting which cannot easily be corrected.

Database Links

  • To create a link to a database, follow the procedure outlined below:
  1. Create box using the Links & Lists Content Box Type
  2. Click on Add New Link near bottom of box
  3. Click on Reuse Existing Link tab
  4. Select Databases guide
  5. Select database link of your choice
  6. Click here to see a Jing tutorial on creating links to Databases:

E-Reference Titles

  • Some individual e-reference titles are located within the Databases guide.  If so, follow directions above.
  • If the title you are looking for is not located on the Databases guide, please use the permalink in the search, following the same directions listed below for books.


  • Links to information on books in the catalog should created using either the Books from the Catalog or Links & Links Content Box Types.
  • Click on the Add New Book
  • Enter ISBN number from Pegasus record
  • Enter URL (permalink) from our search
  • Click here to see a Jing tutorial on creating entries in Books from the Catalog content boxes:

Help Tab

  • The Help tab will be created by either linking out to the Help research guide or by reusing the Home tab on the Need Help research guide.